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~We combine the Pro Wrestling Universe and the Archie Sonic characters for fun.

*Fan characters will be the main focus of this project along with the cannon mobians.

~The Blue, Yellow, and Red Brand.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 5, 2010


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Sonic, Mobians, Professional Wrestling, Entertainment

17 Members
19 Watchers
2,314 Pageviews
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There are several changes for the MFL. The biggest is that there will be four shows for season two, all of which need theme songs:
Monday Night Nitro
Tuesday Night Lightning
Thursday Night Hurricane
Friday Night Eruption
There are also two PPV's for season two:
Royal Rumble/April 24, 2011/ Raliegh, North Carolina, United States
Armageddon/June 19, 2011/Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Within the next day or two, I will release the official MFL Season Two Roster and the individual show rosters.
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Membership Infomation

Welcome to the Mobian Fight League,the Mobians Coliseum.

Important Notes:
Members who have characters in any other wrestling company cannot have characters here as well too as an "active roster". This includes affiliated companies too.

For example,if you have a character who's a roster in MWW,they cannot also be a roster here as well,or vise versa.
Either one place or the other place but not both.

That doesn't mean that you (yourself) can't be a member in multiple companies though,as many people are already.
Characters from other companies may participate here as "guest" appearance as well too,if they'd like.


(MFL) World Heavyweight Championship

(MFL) Womans World Championship

(MFL) Internet World Championship

Master Emerald Championship

(MFL) World Tag Team Championship


Originally founded by "Chris".
New President of the company ... Under NEW control!

We are always looking for new members to join the family in the coliseum.
If you are a mobian fan,and also enjoy wrestling,then this is the place that you want to be.
You may join this company,or any of our affiliates (or competitors). We always enjoy a "friendly" competition.





Newest Members



:iconmobianworldwrestling: MobianWorldWrestling Mobians World for Entertainment :iconsonicoc-wrestling: SonicOC-Wrestling :iconmobianuniverse: MobianUniverse Where All Mobians Meet! :iconhomewrestlingfed: HomeWrestlingFed :iconpokemonwrestlingfans: PokemonWrestlingFans Pokemon and wrestling fans unite :iconmobiannetwork: MobianNetwork Series & Shows :iconsonic-fc-hangout: Sonic-FC-Hangout Where The Cool FCs Hang At


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ARI4PHANTINEXX Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I see this is under new leadership. cool!
Yes indeedy we are under new leadership. :thanks: I didn't want the MFL to just die like that so pretty much every since the original founder left,I've been trying to gain full control of the group. Luckily for me when he first formed this group he made me "Co.Founder" for me to help him out on admin things,so that helped out a lot with me gaining control.
But I do have future plans and developments with this group here.
Though for now I'm just trying to get a roster here. I'm even working on adding quite a few characters of my own in here to help the roster here,so there are things to come for sure.
ARI4PHANTINEXX Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
cool. why did the original founder leave?
I have no idea. He actually just "up and left" without notice to anyone,no warning or anything... I just remember coming on and seeing that he was gone... which sucked. It sucked even more because I know that he was suppose to be running MFL and pretty much left everyone wondering what happened,which I felt just wasn't cool to do. I won't speak any bad about him or anything,but I frown upon people doing that around here.
The bright side is... I won't be like that and leave,at most take breaks due to my personal life problems (which I even told him at a time he was here) but you will never see on my page and see that I've left dA and that's a promise.

(1 Reply)
WhippetWild Jun 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If I could help make this club better, I would. And even make journals to get a CLIQ or close group of regular wrestlers here and a smaller amount of belts and grow up big. as a top 3 group
Gurahk2 Apr 18, 2011
So who's in charge now?
WhippetWild Apr 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
o clue
ARI4PHANTINEXX Apr 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
didn't he sayhe had someone to take over in case of emergency?
I'm happy that you're interested in Solara, thanks!
cshardy Jan 29, 2011
No problem.
Gurahk2 Jan 6, 2011
3 new girls in MFL! 3 new girls in MFL! Be alert! Be alert!
WhippetWild Jan 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sounds good to me
cshardy Jan 6, 2011
Actually, there's more on the way.
Gurahk2 Jan 6, 2011
How many?
cshardy Jan 6, 2011
Seven women and two men.
(1 Reply)
Gurahk2 Dec 3, 2010
Adam: Face
AJ: Face
Alan: Heel (Treated as a face by the teenage girl audience)
Alex: Face
Alexia: Heel (treated as a face by the guys, namely the pervs)
Alexis: Face
Alicia: Face
Amy: Tweener
Angel: Face
Beverly: Face
Chris & Lilica: Face
Brick: Face
Candy: Face
Chelsea: Face
Christine & Daisy: Heels (treated as faces by the teenage boys and men, namely the pervs)
Claire: Face
Clara: Heel (treated as face by guys, namely the pervs)
Clarice: Face
Clyde: Face
Cocoa: Face
Crystal: Face
Danny: Face
Darkness: Heel
Eliza: Face
Elliot: Heel
Emily: Heel (treated as a face by the guys, namely the pervs)
Fetalia: Face
Halloween: Tweener
Heather and Maxine: Faces
Ivory: Tweener
Ivy: Face
Jacob: Tweener
Jake: Heel
Jenny: Heel (treated a face by many guys, namely the pervs)
Joseph: Face
Kira: Face
Kiss: face
Kyle: Face (treated as a heel)
Latuna: Heel (treated as a face by the guys, namely the pervs)
Lisa: Tweener
Lucy: Tweener (treated as afce by the guys, namely the pervs)
Max: Face
May: Face
Melody: Tweener (treated a face by the guys)
Merry: Heel (treated as a face by the gus, namely the pervs)
Natalie: Face
Onyx: Heel (treated as a face by the guys and pervs)
Patrick & Patricia: Faces
Rachael: Tweener (she's similar to Jerry "the King" Lawler, in many ways)
Ray: Face (will probably turn heel later on)
Rebecca: Face
Reggie: Face
Sam: Heel
Sarah: Face
Shine: Face
Sophia: Face
Stacy: Face
Susan: face
Tara: Face
Torrie: Face
Trixie: Face
Veronica: Face
Whitney: Face
Yukia: Face
Gurahk2 Dec 2, 2010
Ideas for feuds:

1.) Alan vs. Brick
2.) Star Wolf (Clyde, Kyle, Ivy, and Angel) vs. the babylon Rogues
3.) Fetalia vs. Darkness
4.) The Slutty Sisterhood (Emily, Clara, Susan, Jenny, Christine, and Daisy) vs. Team Rose
5.) Ray (fox) vs. Tails
6.) Shine vs. Ethan
7.) Melody vs. Sally
8.) Stacy vs. Tikal

These are merely suggestions.
cshardy Dec 6, 2010
How about these rivalries
Clayton Fox vs. Clyde O'Donnell
Keith the Hedgehog vs. Shine the Hedgehog
Gurahk2 Dec 6, 2010
Meh, sure
cshardy Dec 3, 2010
They are all very good suggestions.
Gurahk2 Nov 24, 2010
Hey, I added three gitrls ro my MFL characters list.
Gurahk2 Nov 24, 2010
Make that a few.....
Gurahk2 Nov 24, 2010
I added three girls on my list. One is a backstage person, like an announcer, ring announcer, or some atthority figure. Your choice. Cn those three be in?
cshardy Nov 26, 2010
Gurahk2 Nov 26, 2010
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